Registration of an Individual Entrepreneur

● Prepare all the necessary documents
● Complete the application (Form 1)
● Select KVED in accordance with the planned activity
● Open a bank account
● We will provide tax advice on the most optimized taxation system
● Apply for a simplified taxation system
● We will offer consultations on registration of the company with the tax authorities
● Prepare contracts with the fiscal service authorities on receipt of an electronic digital signature (EDS).
● Register an Income and Expense Book.

Registration of an Individual Entrepreneur (hereinafter referred to as FOP).

An individual entrepreneur is the simplest form of doing business: simplicity of registration or liquidation (termination) of a FOP, simple accounting of income and expenses, a simplified taxation system, etc. But simplicity is accompanied by certain limitations. These limitations depend on the group to which the individual entrepreneur belongs.

There are 4 such groups:
I FOP group works without employees. The annual income should not exceed 300 000 UAH.
Permitted activities: retail trade and personal services for the population. NOT permitted – to work with legal entities or other FOPs.
The tax rate is up to 10% of the minimum wage.

II FOP group
II group entrepreneurs are allowed to employ up to 10 employees.
Annual income up to 1.5 million UAH.
The tax rate is 20% of the minimum wage. But there are limitations in the types of economic activities (KVED).
II group FOP has the right to provide services and sell goods for the population and is a single tax payer.

ІІІ FOP group has no restrictions on the number of employees. Counterparties can be both legal entities, other FOPs, as well as individual persons.
The allowed annual income up to 2 million UAH. They can be payers and non-payers of VAT.

IV FOP group is provided for agriculture.

The accounting (reporting) period for the III group is the quarter, and for all others – the year.

All these aspects must be taken into account before the registration of FOP so as not to pay extra taxes if selected type of business does not require additional opportunities. Our specialists will help you to get an understanding of the details that affect the size of taxes, as well as other opportunities and limitations.

It should be noted that only those persons, whose registered place of residence is Lviv city, are allowed to be registered as FOPs in Lviv.

Also our specialists will help with registration changes of already registered FOP:
● FOP’s surname change
● Change of FOP’s TIN (taxpayer ID number)
● Change of the place of registration
● Change of types of economic activities

We provide support and consultations to foreigners who plan to register the FOP in Ukraine.