Submission of accounts
  • Preparation and submission of reporting forms on profits tax, VAT, personal income tax, Consolidated Tax to Tax Inspection Office
  • Preparation and submission of financial reporting forms to statistical office
  • Preparation, supervision for submission and submission of reporting forms to social insurance funds and the pension fund
Accounting organizing of a client

Elaboration and writing of accounting policy of a business enterprise

Elaboration and introduction of implementation and accounting schemes of business transactions

Special types of service
  • Drawing up of management reporting by the results of management accounting in accordance with accounting policy of a client
  • Supervision of full time accountant’s activity, supervising of correctness of tax and financial reporting and also filling in of source documents
  • Accomplishment of preparation for audits by tax authorities, intermediation and participation on the part of a client during tax inspections, assistance in appealing against decisions and actions of governmental revenue authority
Integrated maintenance of accounting records
  • Primary filling out of accounting transaction
  • Salary accounting
  • Tax charges, tax payment and obligatory payments
  • Drawing up and submission of regulatory filings