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The consulting company Viaduk specializes in providing consulting and outsourcing services in the field of accountancy, law and finance.

Having chosen the co-operation with our company you will always receive high-quality accounting and legal services, analysis of economic circumstances, advisory services of highly-skilled professionals who ensure the stable development of your business.

PhDs in Economics, practicing accountants and lawyers work at the consulting company Viaduk.

The term outsourcing means transferring a part of operation of a company to freelance professionals on contract terms with the purpose of reduction of time and financial expenditures to upgrade the outcome.

Thus, the main aim of outsourcing is to help an entrepreneur to concentrate on the principal activity not wasting time on secondary ones. As a result this substantially improves efficiency of the business.



The main advantages of outsourcing:

Safety. Having entrusted the bookkeeping of a business, a company management very often receives not only timely submission of accounts but also protection of its interests against supervisory bodies.

Economy. Outsourcing makes it possible to save on keeping full time accountants, lawyers, analysts and in addition to employ the services of experienced specialists in the field of financial accounting, tax reporting and legislation.

Reliability. The outsourcing company bears responsibility for the work done according to the conditions of the contract and applicable legislation.

Information awareness. The specialists of the outsourcing company steadily monitor the legislation which will help not only to avoid penalty charges but also to receive on-the-spot advice regarding remedial actions.

Experience. Professionals, who provide their services to several firms, have considerable experience which makes it possible to be well conversant in current issues.

Flexibility. In case of increasing or decreasing the scale of a business, an entrepreneur will not have to occupy themselves with staff searching or optimization and waste efforts on staff training, workplace equipping and taxpaying. It is sufficient to revise the cost and the volume of services of the outsourcing company.